So like promised. The JOLLOF PARTY will come on soon. @Kenneth will give the details soon. It's free. If he puts amount there pls dont pay
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Sure thing please.... We won't pay
Kenneth Obeng: hahhahahahahhah
Kenneth Obeng: search !meettrs jollof party
Kenneth Obeng: join the group !jollofparty
Cletus Kumi: I've joined
Happy mothers day to all mother's here... And to the potential ones, I can be of great help. Just saying! Lol
Cletus Kumi: since yesterday, no one will like my post.. oh oh don't worry... Ive liked my thg wai... lol
Kenneth Obeng: U dier
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Awwww Cletus... Haahaaaha
Cletus Kumi: Thank you dear
Somethg is cooking in my pot... It starts with J

Kenneth Obeng: jollof
Cletus Kumi: Ken what if I'm cooking Jalon??? Too no boy
Brent Dark: yahha