Cletus Kumi: Like your voice is not even heard
Anita Kathedra Nartey: I know right.. Lol
Anita Kathedra Nartey: You know
I am so stubborn, it baffles me sometimes...but I can't help it!
Cletus Kumi: Hahaha really? You don't look it
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Ooooh yeah..and that's the fun part. Looking too innocent to be stubborn huh? Lool
I like this place a lot... So quiet, I can hear my heartbeat. Lol
My daddy bought me a watch. :-D
I will put mine aside and wear what he gave me. ;-)
I am booming with a lot of business ideas today. Goodness! Too bad, they are not to be used by me
Michael Buckman : Am all ears
Anita Kathedra Nartey: It has to do with television show... For starters. I can't even remember. I didn't put them down
Anita Kathedra Nartey: The other I think has to do with the business market. Honestly I can't remember.. I am sorry
In my walk with Christ, I have learnt a lot of things. One is, if God says yes to everything you say, check your maturity
Anita Kathedra Nartey: It is only babies who are given what they want, so that they don't throw tantrums
NF's music is aggressive... But I like it. Call it tantrums, I call it uncommon grounds.
Been a while... Goodness! I have taken such a long break from writing. I can't believe me. Ink's gonna drip blood soon