I need to go away for sometime. I will be back when the danger has passed. And please don't look for me. I will be there when you need me. Lol. Just joking, I am not God.
Gone are the days when I face my fears head on. Stupidity has a high price but sometimes we all pay it. Lol
Honestly, I am very very scared. And obviously when frightened, I run away to hide
Reason why I do not like to do things based on my emotions.
Sometimes I hate the way I am passionate about things I love.
Maybe i talk too much, maybe I don't. Or maybe, I don't really express well.
I really wanna look into the future. Sigh. A lot of things are wrong.
Everyone has got his/her problems. It's nice how some people live like there is nothing at stake..must be nice
Sometimes I like who I am, sometimes I just don't! It is just funny how my personality switches on me