I left the door open, I never said it is a beautiful house
Kenneth Obeng: dont angry me
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Ken....lok
This hair growing towards my eye brow, should it go or not?
Cletus Kumi: leave it...lets see where it ends
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Hahahaaaa..
So what if there are meettrs memes? Exclusively meettrs'....
Cletus Kumi: working on that ma'am. thanks
Anita Kathedra Nartey: And that's Jackie Hill Perry
Cletus Kumi: nice
I always say I will go to the court in this district... Oh! I am really going there... With my mouth! Lol????????
Most children grow up with big dreams, unrealistic sometimes but encouragement never harmed anyone!