Do I look like a mother already?
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Why do people think my youngest sister is my daughter? Tsk tsk
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Ah well...I think it is awakening the motherly instinct. Lol
Crazy siblings I have got... Loool! It's gonna be a nice time away!
Cletus Kumi: i need some good stuff... let it flow
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Lool...not now Sir
I laugh when I am annoyed, nervous, worried, happy, doing something sometimes when sad and cry when angry..Does it count Sir?
Cletus Kumi: doing something naughty, ...i believe we are all interested and eager to
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Oh..loool! Just being stubborn.. That's all.
I can only imagine..... Damn! A lot of work to do!!!
Cletus Kumi: tell me abt it
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Classified info
There was one opportunity, and in that opportunity,there was a present... An opportunity not to miss the first one.
Cletus Kumi: deeeeep
Cletus Kumi: @Kenneth no dey bab but he like...smh
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Ah Cletus lool...please leave Ken alone lah
Imagine lives without angels... I choose to be one yet demons of the past never let me be.....
Cletus Kumi: hahahahahahahahahahaha leave the past in the past erh.. lucifer was once an angel
Anita Kathedra Nartey: I know right makes more sense when you read it backwards than reading it rightaway. Hilarious!
Cletus Kumi: Hahahaha