Jollof party ooo Jollof party!!!
Anita Kathedra Nartey: You are really hyping this jollof party
Cletus Kumi: It's going to be fun filled... without Dan lol
Anita Kathedra Nartey: I tell you.. He is always intruding. Tsk tsk
Cletus Kumi: Ikr... When he was 10 his own parents nicknamed him B33maKokonSa
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Loooooool...oh really?
Cletus Kumi: Verily verily I say unto you
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Loooool....
James Owusu-Ansah : So, this jollof party never took place....... Eeeiii
Cletus Kumi: It's coming on.. we're going to have it at somewhere we can really chill.. possibly have an after party. Clear ur cache tho