Sometimes I hate the way I am passionate about things I love.
Cletus Kumi: Like kwedu(banana)
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Cletus you have also been missed.
follow me on for your one stop entertaining posts. i said follow me oooooo...yooo ok i hear, i see, lol see there..
jason boat: we wont follow u biaaaaaa
Cletus Kumi: Jason u p3 u follow me aa I go delete my account
Success on my mind
twumbarima: Me this Chale!
Cletus Kumi: You you dey sit the ground nu?
Clear your cache and see the magic ☺☺☺
Kenneth Obeng: Nice but nexttime mention our real usernames instead. lool
NanaYaw apau: That looks like Ken
Cletus Kumi: Hahaha I sure will @Kenneth @NanaYaw Ken no get beard oo.. u naaaaa that
Kenneth Obeng: hahhahahahha
Jollof party ooo Jollof party!!!
Anita Kathedra Nartey: You are really hyping this jollof party
Cletus Kumi: It's going to be fun filled... without Dan lol
Anita Kathedra Nartey: I tell you.. He is always intruding. Tsk tsk
Cletus Kumi: Ikr... When he was 10 his own parents nicknamed him B33maKokonSa
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Loooooool...oh really?
Cletus Kumi: Verily verily I say unto you
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Loooool....
James Owusu-Ansah : So, this jollof party never took place....... Eeeiii
Cletus Kumi: It's coming on.. we're going to have it at somewhere we can really chill.. possibly have an after party. Clear ur cache tho
So like promised. The JOLLOF PARTY will come on soon. @Kenneth will give the details soon. It's free. If he puts amount there pls dont pay
Anita Kathedra Nartey: Sure thing please.... We won't pay
Kenneth Obeng: hahhahahahahhah
Kenneth Obeng: search !meettrs jollof party
Kenneth Obeng: join the group !jollofparty
Cletus Kumi: I've joined